il cantante
il cantante
il cantante - foto vitigno Nerello Mascalese
il cantante - foto vitigno Nerello Cappuccio
Etna wines bearing the D.O.C. certification are subject to a set of regulations, the first in Sicily and amongst the first in Italy, brought into force in 1968. The area where Etna D.O.C. wines are produced (covering a total area of 400 hectares), surrounds virtually the whole of the volcano’s main crater, from north to east and right down to the south, forming a half-moon which extends from its lowest point of around 400 metres to its highest at around 1,000 metres above sea level. The range produces white, red and rosé wines, or, to give them their Italian names, bianco, bianco superiore, rosso and rosato. The red must be made from the Nerello Mascalese grape (minimum 80%) and Nerello Mantellato or Cappuccio (no more than 20%).
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il Cantante - I vini - Nero d'Avola
nero d'avola bianco