il cantante
il cantante
il cantante - foto vitigno bianco - Grecanico
il cantante - foto vitigno bianco - Carricante
il cantante - foto vitigno bianco - Minnella
This is created from vines grown ad alberello supported by a stake made of chestnut wood. The vines grow alongside each other, a metre apart, perched along magnificent lavic stone terraces on Europe’s highest active volcano - Etna. These vines send their roots down into the volcanic soil generated from the lavic rock which, for millennia now, has been rising to the surface to cause spectacular volcanic eruptions covering the whole of mountain.
The Gabry vineyard (covering about two hectares) is situated on the northern slope of Etna near Randazzo, at 1,200 metres above sea level. The vines today are the indigenous Carricante, Grecanico and Minnella varieties. The soil is sandy, rich in minerals and the mountain climate is characterised by notable swings between day and night temperatures.
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il Cantante - I vini - Nero d'Avola
nero d'avola etna rosso