il cantante
il cantante
il cantante - foto vitigno nero d'avola
The Nero d'Avola, also incorrectly said to be from Calabria, can be considered the most typical and representative red grape of Sicily, not counting the area around Etna. It was chosen by the vine growers of Avola, a small municipality in the province of Syracuse, several centuries ago and from there spread to the towns of Noto and Pachino (both also in the province of Syracuse) before being adopted across the whole of Sicily. It’s a vine which, if properly cultivated (low yields per vine) and correctly processed, produces great red wines in which the sensations and bouquet from the red fruit, even after many years, represent the most important and characteristic components further enhanced by the typically “sweet” tannin content. It is ideal, too, for making young and novel varieties of wine thanks to its red colour and its hint of violets; its really evocative taste enhanced by the aroma of red fruit (plum, blackberry) is very pronounced and its tannins do not “set the teeth on edge”. A few decades ago, it was used virtually exclusively for the production of blended wines (Pachino) and exported in large quantities, often by ship (from the port of Marzamemi, the most eastern point in Sicily) to Italy (Tuscany, Piedmont, etc.) and abroad (France).
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il Cantante - I vini - Nero d'Avola
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